Beware of This LinkedIn Scam

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As I’ve been working on building my LinkedIn presence over the past year, I have received quite a few direct messages on the platform regarding “entrepreneurial ventures.” The message sender will introduce themselves, comment on my current role, offer some form of praise, and ask if I would be willing to jump on a quick call to discuss a side project with them.

As someone in their twenties, working hard to grow in my career, I usually say yes, since learning about someone’s business or a possible side hustle can’t hurt. However, I’m starting to…

It’s worth the extra $$

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You prefer to save or invest your hard-earned money than spend it on useless purchases. And most of the time, you’re totally right! There is no need to splurge on overpriced stationery, designer handbags, or luxury cosmetics. However, there are some items I think every woman, no matter how careful with their money, should save up for and spend a bit more on.

Here are 5 Items Worth the Extra Money:

1. Quality Undergarments

Quality lingerie is built to last, is often more comfortable, and will elevate your entire look- we don’t want any lines, do we? High-quality, flattering undergarments can also help increase overall body…

Tips for Getting Hired (Faster) After College in 2020

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I graduated with a degree in Business Marketing in 2018. With one of the highest GPA’s in my graduating class and relevant internship experiences, I was nothing short of confident that I would get hired a few weeks after graduation.

Over the next few months of applying for job after job, I began feeling discouraged and wondered why I hadn’t landed a position. I was making it to the phone interview stage, and went to many in-person interviews, but wasn’t receiving any offers.

It took months to figure out the mistakes I was making, but here’s what I learned:

Be Vocal About Your Value


Disconnecting can be life-changing

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Picture this: Friends and family sit around a table playing a board game and laughing. Some are reading in the living room while others are taking a nap. The television is off, and the kitchen appliances are left unused; delicious dishes have been prepared for this very occasion beforehand. No one will run out the door with their car keys or refresh their email for incoming messages.

It is the Sabbath (Shabbat in Hebrew), the Jewish day of rest. And since I was about ten years old, this is what our home has been like every…

How I’ve been able to save thousands of dollars

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These last few years have been a financial wake-up call for many, myself included. I used to spend mindlessly- comfort buying or shopping as a form of escape was something I indulged in regularly. While acquiring new items may be exciting for a quick minute, I have come to realize that saving and investing is so much more fulfilling in the long run. Purchasing less has led me to become a much more intentional shopper. I no longer spend money on unnecessary purchases that bring physical or mental clutter into my life.

If you are trying to save money but…

Shiri Feldman

Just a twenty-something-year-old gal trying to get my life together

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